Our services include the following:

STRATEGIC Landscape Planning

Site Appraisals

At the outset of a project, we identify any sensitivities, opportunities and constraints from a landscape perspective, taking into consideration landscape designations, landscape policy, visual amenity and landscape character. 

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments

We undertake Landscape and Townscape Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA) at a range of scales, and have particular experience on complex sites in sensitive landscape designations. 

Green Belt Reviews

We undertake Green Belt Reviews in order to assess the contribution that land makes to the function of the Green Belt.

Expert Witness

We represent clients at Public Inquiries.


Landscape Design

Landscape Strategies

We provide a landscape-led approach to informing the master planning of a site, and collaborate with the wider design team.  This ensures that landscape and visual considerations form a key part of the design from the start, and aids our clients in making informed decisions within the evolution of the project.

Design of Country Parks and SANGs

We would work with the wider design team and in consultation with the local authority, Natural England and local interest groups to design country parks and strategic green spaces, and have experience of working within sensitive locations.

Landscape Management Plans / strategies

These documents provide an overview of the management operations for a project, taking into consideration landscape, visual, arboricultural and ecological factors to provide a holistic approach to the long term management of a scheme in accordance with the sustainable development principles of National Planning Policy. 

Presentations at Design Review Panels and Public Consultations

We support our clients though attendance at review panels, pre-application meetings, presentations and public consultations, as well as attendance at Examinations in Public.


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